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A Leg to Stand On

Thaxton’s relentless search for truth and not “just believing” led him to the in-depth scientific research for The Mystery of Life’s Origin. That influential book has challenged others to advance the intelligent design movement.

Living in Eastern Europe for six years gave Charles a realistic picture of the people, their experiences, thoughts, and hopes. While in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Russia, he audaciously presented scientific evidence for the intelligent origin of life.

Despite his personal struggle in the loss of his leg, Charles has never stopped his pursuit and presentation of the truth. And his powerful impact continues.

Each year as I teach “Darwinism and Intelligent Design” at Trinity College, I show the YouTube video, “A Chemist’s Story,” on the unforgettable story of my mentor, Dr. Charles Thaxton. That riveting 40-minute shocker has now grown into a dazzling, edifying, and chuckle-triggering sequel: the book in front of you. If you dive in, I predict you will find both your heart and mind soaring.
–Thomas Woodward, Research Professor Trinity College of Florida

The Mystery of Life’s Origin: The Continuing Controversy
The origin of life from non-life remains one of the most enduring mysteries of modern science. The Mystery of Life’s Origin: The Continuing Controversy investigates how close scientists are to solving that mystery and explores what we are learning about the origin of life from current research in chemistry, physics, astrobiology, biochemistry, and more. The book includes an updated version of the classic text The Mystery of Life’s Origin by Charles Thaxton, Walter Bradley, and Roger Olsen, and new chapters on the current state of the debate

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The Mystery of Life’s Origin

Pioneering work by Thaxton, Bradley, Olsen, which paved the way for the Intelligent Design Movement. “…very well thought-out and clearly written analysis of the alternatives to the accepted scientific theory of the origin of life.” — Robert Jastrow, Founder and Former Director of the Goddard Institute of NASA.

Translations in English, Romanian, Czech, and Hungarian

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The Soul of Science
[This book by Nancy Pearcey and Charles Thaxton]…should be read by all Christians interested in the relationship between science and their theological commitments. — J.P. Moreland, Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

Translations into Czech, Hungarian, Chinese, and Portuguese

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Soul of Science chapter in Bulgarian
The Creation Hypothesis by J.P. Moreland, ed.
Finding God at Harvard by Kelly Monroe, ed.
God & Culture ed. by D.A. Carson, John D. Woodbridge
Intellectuals Speak Out About God ed. Roy Abraham Varghese


Henrik – “DNA and the Origin of Life” in Croatian


Of Pandas and People
By Percival Davis, Dean H. Kenyon, Charles Thaxton, ed.

Books by Carole

Learn to Write the Novel Way

Learn to Write the Novel Way is a language arts curriculum for grades 5-12 that:

  • Teaches all language arts skills in one writing project
  • Provides a finished novel for the student’s portfolio
  • Is multi-level (review for more advanced students and is introductory for the less proficient in writing skills)
  • Reveals the gaps in a student’s writing ability and provides specific practices for areas of weakness
  • Motivates students to want to write and write correctly
  • Encourages independent work by “nuggetizing” the task into a thirteen-step process
  • Is easy to use for the “coach” (teacher/parent) with clear lesson plans
  • Can be used with a group

As parent/teacher we refer to you as “coach” since the best way to learn writing is through the coaching process. You will work along with the student to instruct, oversee the practices, and enjoy together the finished writing assignment each week.

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Teacher’s Guide

Write Your Roots
Another year-long writing project from Carole Thaxton. Learn language arts while writing your family history.

A one-year project for grades 5-12 that is easy because it is a series of short stories. The stories are based on real facts, so less imagination is necessary. The worktext is divided into 30 steps, which is designed for one step per week, which fulfills requirements for a full year of English composition. Each text has three sections: learn, practice/prepare and apply. If your child can write a short story, he is ready for Write Your Roots. During the year the basic student will write 12 stories that will be revised and tweaked several times for excellent writing. Paperback, 226 pages.

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In His Image
by Dana Spears, PhD and Carole Thaxton, MS., is a high school psychology course exploring basic biblical principles and their application, modern schools of psychology in contrast with biblical principles, stages of development from 0 to 18, self-assessment of individual differences including gender and birth order. The curriculum fosters thinking skills through observation, research, and writing.
(grades 1-3, usually ages 6-9) each contains a one-year group curriculum and a corresponding curriculum for at-home instruction. This is the stage to develop solid character and basic skills, along with instilling a life-long love of learning. This program immerses the children in the goodness of God, the beauty of creation, the excellence of great stories, the joy of discovery, the value of Godly behavior, and the thrill of accomplishing cooperatively. In short, they gain a vital foundation for the rest of their educational years while enjoying the process.

Konos Character Curriculum  / Vol. 1,2,3

Konos Compass

KONOS Compass provides practical instructions on how to implement KONOS by showing moms how to plan, prepare and present their lessons. The Scope and Sequence of all three volumes, compares KONOS to state requirements for every grade level allowing moms to check their progress. The Math and Language Checklists for Grades K-8 alerts moms what is required at each grade level. However, I think the most helpful sections in the Compass are what to do with toddlers, how to co-op, and how to teach writing…. three areas moms frequently ask about. If you are using the Volumes, the Compass is ESSENTIAL!

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Konos Index

The Index is a great tool for those using the 3 Original Volumes. It cross references books, poems, people, subjects and topics, music, arts and crafts, children’s plays, and literature. Use it when going on vacations or trips, when you want to inject some science on a camp out, or when you need an activity to correlate with a party. KONOS-ing is a life-style and the Index makes locating what you’re looking for a snap.

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Out of Print

A Look at Your Life
Olympic Writing
Olympic Communication
How to Respect a Czech with Carter Thaxton and Jirka Vitou’sek


Write the Right Way
Step by Step